Build awareness.

There are many different ways to build awareness for your brand. Whatever method you choose, make sure you are consistent with it and have a clear plan.

Brand awareness can’t be bought by throwing money around. It’s achieved through investment in an effective marketing strategy.

Center of Influence Networking

Happy customers are your best partners in your search for new clients. Ask satisfied users to help you find prospects and make the initial connection for a higher likelihood of success.


There’s nothing quite like the feeling of finding exactly what you’re looking for online. Owning the right keywords for your business will ensure your ideal customers notice you.

Subject Matter Expertise

When it comes to building your business, creating informative and engaging content works. Attract new readers, educate prospects, and establish yourself as a thought leader in your industry.

Digital Advertising

Reach a wider audience with your targeted message and build up brand awareness. A flexible tool, digital ads allow you to tailor your message and target specific channels.

Checklist / Guide

Pave the way! Help B2B buyers understand the steps they need to complete in order to be successful along their journey. Doing so demonstrates your commitment to their success.

Landing Page

Drive a prospective client to one specific goal or action. Tailor your landing page to a specific pain or topic, providing content that’s unique to your customer’s needs.


Ensure no lead goes untouched. Place them in sequences with accurately timed outreach including valuable content that moves them through the sales funnel.

Spur consideration.

Yes, you have competition. And this is your chance to show how and why you have so much more to offer your customers.

What competition? In this phase you’ll share more of your brand’s personality and start attracting prospective clients that like it.

Social Post

The people you’re selling to are on social media, and they’re ready to hear from you. Integrate posts into your strategy and grow your leads while meeting goals.


Created in collaboration with your product or service owner, product sheets and sales slicks are great pieces to have on hand when prospects want to know more details.

IM / Chat

Providing a way for buyers to connect with brands in real-time, customer chats allow you to answer customer questions quickly, build trust, and provide a connection.


Serve up relevant content each month as a way to stay engaged with your list of prospective customers so you’re always top of mind when they need your product or service.


Create content to showcase thought leadership, establish authority, demo your product and services, and highlight customer stories and testimonials.

Pricing Page

Trial / Demo

Encourage decision.

Potential clients are now familiar with your product or service. Now is the time to guide them toward the best choice for resolving their pain point.

White Paper / eBook

Providing in-depth information about your product or service, including its features, benefits, and underlying technology helps prospects get engaged with it, helping them move further into your funnel.


Build relationships with prospects on their schedule. Podcasts give prospects a taste of what you can offer, and if they enjoy it, they may be more likely to purchase.

Sales Call

Learn about their evolving needs and wants. Helping you build rapport and trust, ongoing check-ins like these give prospects a chance to ask questions and build familiarity with your product/service.


Often the first major interaction with potential clients, use this asset to set up the problem you solve and why your company does it better than any other solution around.

Case Study

Highlight your existing customers’ successes and showcase how well your product or service can alleviate your customers’ problems. If hard data can be put to that story, that’s even better.

Prompt purchase.

Your potential client has completed the research phase and is ready to buy. Make a lasting impression that leaves them with no hesitations about purchasing from you.


Spell out the answers to common questions and concerns your past customers have asked. This gives new prospects the information they need without having to speak to you directly.


Prove why you are the best option. Remind prospects what it’s like to work with you and paint a picture of what their life will look like with you in it.


Let prospects try on what it’s like to work with you. Show off your personality and style while still allowing your industry knowledge to shine through.

Statement of Work

A clear and concise statement of work will help ensure that your potential client knows exactly what s/he will get when teaming up with you.

Establish retention and expansion.

Growing an existing client costs less long term than finding new ones. Build ongoing relationships to maintain lifelong clients.


Nothing kills a client’s excitement faster than a poor onboarding experience. Streamline your processes so your customers receive a great experience, consistently.


Keep clients in-the-know and up-to-date while building lasting relationships with regular communication.

Subject Matter Expertise

Demonstrate expertise and thought leadership. By reading more information, prospects gain a better understanding of the product or service and its potential impact on their business, allowing them to make additional purchasing decisions.

Social Post

Show up consistently on your preferred channels as an expert in your field to remind customers scrolling their newsfeeds that you’re always available to help them.


As you get to know one another better, additional sales opportunities may appear. Providing more information about these products and services can help assist in the transition of clients making added purchases.

Referrals / Word of Mouth

Increase brand awareness and attract new customers when you offer incentives, discounts, or bonuses to satisfied customers that refer their family and friends.

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